Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter is a song sung in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, as Christopher Robin and the gang were preparing to pull Pooh out of Rabbit's front door.


Kanga and Roo: Hooray, for you!

Pooh: Hooray, for me!

Eeyore: Hooray, Hooray.

Owl: For Pooh will soon be free!

Everyone: Dum da dum pa rum pa rum pa rum
​​​​​Now the time has come for proving, what a died did for Pooh, and since we pledged he'd be unwedged that's what we're going to do. He'll be pulled and he'll be tugged, and eventually unplugged. We'll have a tug of war to open Rabbit's door. We'll heave him... and ho him, then out the Pooh will go-ish. For mind over matter has made the Pooh unfatter. Heave. Ho. Heave. Ho Heave, Heave, Heave, Heave! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeave!

Rabbit: there he goes